Our Policies


MiniMusik love to offer you and your child a safe, fun and creative environment to explore and develop a life-long love of music! We hope you love our classes as much as we love teaching them – we want to create a beautiful memorable musical experience for you both. Here are the ways we can achieve that…

Wellness and Safety

We understand that your MiniMusik class is a special time each week for you and your child. If you or your child are sick or contagious, please be considerate of other children and adults in our classes and stay home. Your child may still want to come to class, but most sick children will not have a good class experience! We’ll be happy to schedule a makeup class after everyone is feeling better.

Maintaining a healthy classroom requires involvement of the teachers as well as our families. Your teachers are committed to providing your family with a class environment that is clean and safe. We provide hand sanitiser, and clean and sterilise our instruments and props after classes. We can all simply be aware of the safety of everyone in the room and take action to prevent accidents before they happen.

Makeup Classes

You are welcome to schedule a makeup class if you cannot attend your regular class. Please please contact us on office@minimusik.com.au to schedule a makeup class. 24-hour notice is requested. We’re sorry, but we do not offer compensation, refunds, or discounts for missed classes.

Class Cancellations

We will make up a class in the event of teacher illness. If we can’t find a replacement teacher to take the class, we will contact you as soon as possible by SMS/mobile. You are then welcome to attend a makeup class anytime prior to the end of term, or a special one offered due to the class cancellation at the end of term.

How To Make The Most Of Class

To ensure the most rewarding class experience, come to class consistently and on time. Research shows that it is the continuity and longevity of an ongoing experience that most benefits your child’s development.

The more engaged your are with your child, helping them to participate in the activities during class time – the better! You know your child best, and you are your child’s most important teacher. One of our primary goals is to strengthen this bond with your child, so enjoy the magical time together. Don’t be concerned if your child is quiet in class – often this child will be the one singing and dancing at home!

Barefoot is best – children’s feet provide them with lots of sensory information which helps them to learn, so we take shoes off for class.

MiniMusik classes are much more than just a weekly activity. You can continue your child’s experience throughout the week and cultivate lifelong learning within your own home and on the go (singing in the car is good). We plant the seeds of learning through music in the classroom, but you can water the garden and watch them grow!

Non-Enrolled Siblings

Siblings are more than welcome to enrol together in our Family Classes, and we offer a family discount for this reason – see our prices here. Please let me know if you have any other situations involving a non-enrolled sibling. We can most often work this out on an individual basis – just let us know! If you need to bring an older sibling to one of our baby classes, to ensure the safety of the younger children, and to maintain a consistent class experience for our enrolled families, we ask that older siblings bring a quiet activity to work on independently during class.


We want to make payment as easy and hassle-free as possible. Our fees are listed here.

Withdrawing from Class

Upon enrolling at MiniMusik, your spot is held for the term. However, if you need to un-enrol for some reason, please contact us at office@minimusik.com.au.

Satisfaction Guaranteed / Refund Policy

If you aren’t completely happy with your MiniMusik experience after attending four consecutive classes, please let us know! We’ll refund or credit all of your money.

If you have any enquiries regarding these policies, please email office@minimusik.com.au.